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Open Source Living

This place is awesome! I’m an avid supporter of open-source everything because I think you get the best quality work from it. Sure you don’t make money but hey, if you’re good at what you do, whatever it is you do, you can make enough money to live on. But I digress. OSL is a new site that surely has many predecessors but very few that are presented as simply as it is. It lists the very best open-source software for various different categories such as web, graphics, video, documents, entertainment, and more. I used to go there quite frequently but now I have all of the software and I only check on occasion to see if they’ve added any new software to the list. It’s a great place to find solutions for your software (or lack there-of) problems and a great way to support open-source. As of posting time they have 130 resources listed and available for the public. Great site, check it out.