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John McCain on Jon Stewart

John McCainJohn McCain appeared on Jon Stewart’s show tonight and honestly, despite all the politicking that necessarily occurred, I gained some respect for the old Senator. He has a sense of humor that I hadn’t realized, considering he’s a war mongering 90-year-old politician. I suppose when you’re on Jon Stewart you have to have some sort of sense of humor, though McCain really made me laugh a couple times. Props to the old man.

My views on John McCain are simple in the Presidential sense; I think he’s the best candidate. Sen. Barack Obama next and if you’ve read my posts on Hillary you know how she sits in my books. McCain is best when it comes to the economy, which is the primary concern to me right now. He’s twice as old as Obama and that’s simply experience that cannot be imitated. I don’t want to get into this too much because I get into enough debates day-to-day and I don’t need more online. Feel free to leave your opinion, however there’s no guarantee that I’ll get back to you about it.