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Worldwide Wes

William Wesley & Ron ArtestHave you ever heard the name William Wesley? Probably not. He’s not employed by the NBA but is one of the most prominent figures in the National Basketball Association. In a partnership with his personal attorney Leon Rose, ‘Worldwide Wes’ has attracted such names as Allen Iverson and LeBron James to his posse and has been seen in the company of Michael Jordan and several Nike execs. When Wes spots talent, he jumps on it, giving everything and receiving nothing in return directly. Shown on the right, William Wesley jumps out of his court-side seats to hold Ron Artest back from further reacting to a fan that threw a beer at him last season. People in the NBA know of Wes and know that he’s the one to go to with any problems. There are several theories floating around about how Wes makes his money, considering that he doesn’t get paid directly by anyone in the NBA, the most prominent being that his lawyer pays him to fetch new high-dollar clients. Here’s an article about several of the theories.
Whatever it is, William Wes is surely a person that gets things done under the radar, albeit he’s a nice guy too.