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Prediction Markets

Prediction Markets are the new thing for money makers. You get paid for correctly predicting worldly events before the happen; what could be easier? For example, if you are just so confident that God forsaken Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidential nomination (not the race mind you, just the nomination) then you could buy a contract for 5 (at the time of the article), or as it translates, 50 cents. When the time comes and the nomination is actually revealed, if you are right the contract pays 100, or 10 dollars. See how it works? So basically the going rate for a contract is the markets aggregate prediction of the probability that a certain event will occur- in this case 5% chance that Hillary Clinton will get the nomination.

You can bet on anything from Presidential races to Olympic city bids for 2016 to whether or not Elliot Spitzer will get indicted on felony charges before a certain date. I think this is a great way to make money especially if you’re an insider at one of these places. I’m assuming that insider trading laws from Sherman don’t apply to this sort of thing. If you’re with team Obama and he dies- go bet the farm before the news breaks. Whether or not that’s ethical is arguable but take it for what its worth. Not only is it a good way to make money, its a really interesting way to waste time. is the prime example of such a market- real money traded here… be careful!


Making Money Online

Constant ContentEver the e-entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new was to make some extra cash on the web. The two newest endeavors that I’ve decided to embark on are Constant-Content and Pay-Per-Post. These two sites alone seem like great ways to earn some solid cash for things I do everyday anyway. Read on for a brief explanation of each of these companies.

Constant Content is quite unique; Authors write articles about anything, of any length, and anybody can buy them for a price set by the author. It’s a great way to get unique, quality content for your site/blog/etc. for a relatively cheap price. The editors of CC read, in its entirety, every article to ensure grammatical and contextual correctness. I submitted my first article yesterday and had it accepted today, so they have a pretty good turn around as well. There will be an update to this post if I actually sell it. You can submit full articles, short blog entries, photography, illustrations, and even videos for purchase. The author gets 65% of the selling price, so at $20, I’ll net $13 for my article upon selling it, assuming I do. If you don’t mind writing you should definitely consider becoming an author on this site for some extra cash. It’s just too easy to pass up! (I’m not getting paid for this plug I swear).

Pay-Per-Post is a company that will probably interest my readers (a.k.a. you) more because I believe most of them are bloggers themselves. While PPP has fairly strict requirements of blogs that qualify to post, you can make a good deal of cash from what I’ve seen by just blogging about the posted topics on the PPP site. I haven’t met the requirements with this blog yet so I’m not currently a PPP affiliate, but I’m working on meeting them so hopefully I’ll be making the big bucks soon :0 Good luck!