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Mamma Mia

First let’s address the big ass white elephant. The girlfriend dragged me to the musical turned movie masacre.

The Good
Meryl Streep is comparable to the King Midas of the movie industry in that she turns the movies she touches into gold. Unfortunately the rest of the cast has to form the rest of the movie and sometimes they fail miserably. But Meryl Streep was great in this film, as always. I also liked the “Mean Girl” Amanda Seyfried who played Sophie, the main character. She’s won a couple of awards and is really going to come into her own in the near future I think. Look for her in Diablo Cody’s (Juno) new film Jennifer’s Body to be released in 2009.

Mamma Mia lived up to its musical nature and it was pretty important that they get the tunes right, and I feel like they did a pretty good job with the exception of one abomination that I’ll talk about in the ‘ugly’ section below…

The Bad

Dominic Cooper, the fiance… bleh. He just got casted because of his accent and his pretty boy exotic look to match the damn island. They could have done better on getting an actual actor. His chest-revealing shirts confused me because he wasn’t greek/hispanic at all- he was just living in Greece. Bottom line, I didn’t like him.

In addition, I felt like perhaps some of the directing may have been at fault and after a little fact check I’ve found that the director, Phyllida Lloyd had last directedGloriana in 2000 with little other experience in the motion picture business. It seems she had major opera experience so I’m assuming why thats why she directed.

The Ugly

Pierce Brosnan (former James Bond). If you’ve seen the movie you need not read any further. If you haven’t be warned that Mr. Bond is basically emasculated in his singing roles and has forever sealed any chance of ever being in such a role again. Ever. He was called, in-movie, a “middle-aged menopausal man” and that’s exactly the camio description he needed for taking on this role. I’m disappointed; stick with being a faux-badass Pierce.