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Attempted Scamming In Progress is a WONDERFUL website that in my personal opinion kicks the arse out of corporate-america’s biggest garage sale that is ebay. I went there the other day looking for a new (used) car. Having said that I must now say that it is the secret lair for scam artists, especially ones that aren’t very good at it. Read the following email I was sent and tell me who in their right mind would respond to this nonsense.


As I told you in my first e-mail, I have some personal problems and I can’t manage the sale so I prearranged the deal with MoneyBookers and my
presence isn’t necessary. The car is in their possession
ready for delivery.I also made a photobucket album so you can see more
pictures ( You have
5 days to test and inspect the car. So if you want to make this deal I
need the following details from you: full name and address
shipping address
phone # After I will have all this details I will forward them to
MoneyBookers and I will proceed the order. MoneyBookers will contact you with
all the details that you need to complete this deal and also to see
that i am covered by them and that I am legit seller. Waiting your
email with the requested details.

Well, Mr. Patrick Rathburn it appears you are the worst scam artist of all time. Although I’m not sure how else you were planning on getting my money I sure hope you didnt expect me just to send it to some sketchy web site without ever seeing the damn car. And why would you need my address?? Lame.

Turns out that this car was posted all over the United States for sale, a simple google search showed that. Dumbass. So I told him I reported him and that I was depressed that he couldn’t have done any better to get my money. Criminals suck these days, wheres the Joker when you need him?

P.s. if you went to that link you will have found that yes it was a BMW and yes I really want one.