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Beijing 2008 Olympics Preview

We’re 14 days away from the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and Beijing is still smog covered, though the monumental buildings are finished, athletes are wrapping up their training, and the performers are doing their final dress rehearsals. Being the avid Olympics follower that I am, I’ve compiled a list of links that are interesting/informative:

First and foremost, the schedule of events/finals/cermonies can be found here. My favorites and probably the most popular are the Swimming, Track, and the less popular Hockey events. Michael Phelps aims to break several Olympic and World records in swimming so watch the events he’s participating in.

New Buildings/Venues
Here’s a Reuters article on the new venues that were built in Beijing especially for the Olympics, of which the only one I’m thrilled about is the Central China TV Building that a picture of can be found here. The aquatics center is awkward looking and the “Bird’s Nest” looks like an accidental pile of steel and crap.

Here’s a link to a photo gallery provided by the Olympics. There’s a couple interesting shots in there you may be interested in.

That’s about it for now. Have fun.


Hate to Say I Told You So

I said how long ago how there was absolutely not an iceberg’s chance in hell of Hillary Clinton getting the nomination. OK, so she got closer than I thought, but all I’m saying is, she pisses me off- she is probably the worst thing America could put in office. I’m ecstatic she didn’t get the nomination so now theres no chance of her ever being able to reign terror on this country all while being able to call her husband ‘First Laddie’ or the like. Alright enough ranting. Please, if you are a Clinton supporter, leave a comment so I can really hear what good reasons you may think you have for holding such an opinion; I’d love to hear them.


Hillary Clinton. Mudslinger. Cry-baby. Etc.

Oh Hillary.Where do I begin with the Hillary Clinton machine? How about with the ‘alleged’ attacks on the Barack Obama front. She started by pointing how just how liberal Barack Obama was having mingled with Chicago’s Hyde Park individuals and his voting record in congress for criminal defendants’ rights. God forbid an African American democratic candidate be opposed to the criminal justice system and too liberal. Next, Hillary attacked Obama’s position on abortion saying that he wasn’t able to take a stance on the topic when in reality his voting record shows, along with his Planned Parenthood and NARAL ratings, that he’s pro-choice through and through. In that attack she went as far as sending letters to the New Hampshire voting public- which obviously paid off, her having taken the New Hampshire primary just hours ago.

Next, Hillary cried the other day. Really Hillary? The President of the United States can’t lock his/herself in a room and cry when we get bombed by North Korea. I know it wasn’t a full on cry, I saw the video, but still. Grow some balls (… nevermind).

Finally, I’d like to recall that although Hillary was booed not once, but twice at the New Hampshire Democrats’ 100 Club dinner almost a week ago, she still somehow managed to squeak a victory tonight. This election is shaping up to be quite the interesting battle.