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Manchester United Wins UEFA Champions League

Today Chelsea F.C. and Manchester United competed in the first ever all-English Champions League final in a Moscow. Oddly, the game started at almost 11:00p local Moscow time because the majority of TV viewers were in western Europe 3 hours behind making this the first ever Champions League final scheduled over two days. The first half produced two goals, one for each side, with the Manchester goal coming from none other than Cristiano Ronaldo himself on a brilliant header and the Chelsea Goal a product of a Frank Lampard dink past the keeper. In the second half, nothing to write home about UEFA Champions Leagueoccurred offensively, but conversely the defense for both sides was truly top of the line, leaving the game tied and sending it to extra time.

In the second extra time, Chelsea striker Didier Drogba received a red card for a slap to the face he gave to one of the United players. The card rendered Drogba ineligible to compete in the penalty shootout that would occur and thus hurt Chelsea. After 120+ minutes of play Manchester United and Chelsea F.C. went to a penalty shootout to decide the 2008 Champions League final. John Terry, another Chelsea player, was chosen to take the 5th and what would be final penalty kick to decide the match. As he cocked his leg to kick his plant foot slipped a bit and caused his shot to barely miss the right post and causing a 6th PK for both teams. Manchester United keeper Johann Van Der Sar stopped Chelsea’s 7th penalty kick and was immediately surrounding by his teammates in jubilation for their victory of Europe’s version of the Super Bowl.


Prediction Markets

Prediction Markets are the new thing for money makers. You get paid for correctly predicting worldly events before the happen; what could be easier? For example, if you are just so confident that God forsaken Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidential nomination (not the race mind you, just the nomination) then you could buy a contract for 5 (at the time of the article), or as it translates, 50 cents. When the time comes and the nomination is actually revealed, if you are right the contract pays 100, or 10 dollars. See how it works? So basically the going rate for a contract is the markets aggregate prediction of the probability that a certain event will occur- in this case 5% chance that Hillary Clinton will get the nomination.

You can bet on anything from Presidential races to Olympic city bids for 2016 to whether or not Elliot Spitzer will get indicted on felony charges before a certain date. I think this is a great way to make money especially if you’re an insider at one of these places. I’m assuming that insider trading laws from Sherman don’t apply to this sort of thing. If you’re with team Obama and he dies- go bet the farm before the news breaks. Whether or not that’s ethical is arguable but take it for what its worth. Not only is it a good way to make money, its a really interesting way to waste time. is the prime example of such a market- real money traded here… be careful!


Software I Can’t Live Without

Hey everybody- this is a list of the software that I use every single day and more than likely couldn’t live without, or at least live comfortably without. Leave comments with the software that you use daily and/or experience with the ones I’ve mentioned below. Here they are:

Mozilla ThunderbirdThunderbird
For Email and RSS I haven’t found anything easier to use in one application. Thunderbird is cross-platform and works basically on any machine made after 1842. I like it because I can check all of my email addresses and stay up on all my RSS feeds in one simple user-friendly window. There’s good filtering and even several plug-ins that you can link to your other Mozilla applications (and others as well). Which brings me to my next one:

Mozilla Firefoxfirefoxy
If you haven’t heard of Firefox you either live in a cave or just had severe amnesia set in. This is the best browser on the market period. Screw internet explorer 12 or whatever they’re on now. Great plug-ins, great toolbars, and very user friendly.

I very recently started using this super-handy piece of code. HTML and Javascript in a single page stored on your hard drive is all it is but it’s super useful. You have to check it out because it’s rather hard to explain how it works in such little space- but basically I use it to keep notes and random things, as well as a to-do list and reminders to myself. Long story short: personal wiki = awesome.Pidgin

I don’t know about you but I really got tired of having Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, and MSN all going at the same time (not to mention skype- but that’s a little different). Pidgin takes care of all of those, and many more, in one basic instant messaging application. Check it out.

Honorable Mentions
Skype Don’t really use it everyday because of lack of friends/family that use it- but I would if they did… so spread the word.
Sunbird Sure everything that mozilla makes is wonderful but enough is enough. No, actually I used this until I got a super-phone and then I switched my calendar-ing over to that instead. If you’re looking for a calendar for your computer, use Sunbird.
SciTE Awesome text editor for those of you that program. I use this alot actually but not quite enough to make my list. Another one that’s awesome for especially java is Eclipse.

Hopefully you got something useful out of that. I didn’t include any web applications (except for TiddlyWiki, kinda) but I must say theres a long list of those I use frequently as well. Another day maybe.


Super Bowl XLII

tom brady biatchGo Pats. Giants have no chance. Despite rumors and reports and media and paparazzi saying that Tom Brady has foot problems because he’s been wearing his funky looking booty, I can almost guarantee that he’ll be playing in the Super Bowl. It’s Tom Brady (“I’m Tom Brady b****…”). The Pats are undefeated this season and will hold that record throughout. Only because it is the Super Bowl, I’m saying that the Pats will win by 7- though I am tempted to say by more. Tom Brady and Randy Moss are going to make it rain all over the Giants and that’s about all I need to say.


Making Money Online

Constant ContentEver the e-entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new was to make some extra cash on the web. The two newest endeavors that I’ve decided to embark on are Constant-Content and Pay-Per-Post. These two sites alone seem like great ways to earn some solid cash for things I do everyday anyway. Read on for a brief explanation of each of these companies.

Constant Content is quite unique; Authors write articles about anything, of any length, and anybody can buy them for a price set by the author. It’s a great way to get unique, quality content for your site/blog/etc. for a relatively cheap price. The editors of CC read, in its entirety, every article to ensure grammatical and contextual correctness. I submitted my first article yesterday and had it accepted today, so they have a pretty good turn around as well. There will be an update to this post if I actually sell it. You can submit full articles, short blog entries, photography, illustrations, and even videos for purchase. The author gets 65% of the selling price, so at $20, I’ll net $13 for my article upon selling it, assuming I do. If you don’t mind writing you should definitely consider becoming an author on this site for some extra cash. It’s just too easy to pass up! (I’m not getting paid for this plug I swear).

Pay-Per-Post is a company that will probably interest my readers (a.k.a. you) more because I believe most of them are bloggers themselves. While PPP has fairly strict requirements of blogs that qualify to post, you can make a good deal of cash from what I’ve seen by just blogging about the posted topics on the PPP site. I haven’t met the requirements with this blog yet so I’m not currently a PPP affiliate, but I’m working on meeting them so hopefully I’ll be making the big bucks soon :0 Good luck!


MacBook Air

I’m so getting one of these. I’ve been looking at Macs for awhile envying them and I think they finally came out with one that suits me and my tastes. At less than an inch thick at its thickest point, the MacBook air is ‘the world’s thinnest computer’ (according to Apple). You can watch a demo of the new device here. As you will see in the video, this product is literally cutting edge. It has an upgrade option of having a 64GB solid state drive installed, which has no moving parts, and thus less things that can break. These are the new thing in the hard drive world, although at an upgrade price of $999, you can see why cutting edge isn’t for everyone. Of course, all Airs come with the new Mac OS X Leopard installed as well. Apple’s selling point is the light-weight, portable aspect of the computer, with an emphasis on wireless. They don’t include a CD/DVD drive but they have a brand new ‘Remote Disc’ feature that allows you to install and read software from other computers’ drives, all wireless. This is an awesome feature although I doubt its very fast to install things. In addition to that, they included some new touchpad features similar to those of the iPhone that allow you to zoom in and out by spreading your fingers and bringing them back together as well as a page forward and backwards by using three fingers side to side. I’m excited to get this when its finally released, as you’re only able to pre-order now. If you’re considering buying a new notebook computer and you’re always on the go, I highly recommend the MacBook Air.


Open Source Living

This place is awesome! I’m an avid supporter of open-source everything because I think you get the best quality work from it. Sure you don’t make money but hey, if you’re good at what you do, whatever it is you do, you can make enough money to live on. But I digress. OSL is a new site that surely has many predecessors but very few that are presented as simply as it is. It lists the very best open-source software for various different categories such as web, graphics, video, documents, entertainment, and more. I used to go there quite frequently but now I have all of the software and I only check on occasion to see if they’ve added any new software to the list. It’s a great place to find solutions for your software (or lack there-of) problems and a great way to support open-source. As of posting time they have 130 resources listed and available for the public. Great site, check it out.