Software I Can’t Live Without

Hey everybody- this is a list of the software that I use every single day and more than likely couldn’t live without, or at least live comfortably without. Leave comments with the software that you use daily and/or experience with the ones I’ve mentioned below. Here they are:

Mozilla ThunderbirdThunderbird
For Email and RSS I haven’t found anything easier to use in one application. Thunderbird is cross-platform and works basically on any machine made after 1842. I like it because I can check all of my email addresses and stay up on all my RSS feeds in one simple user-friendly window. There’s good filtering and even several plug-ins that you can link to your other Mozilla applications (and others as well). Which brings me to my next one:

Mozilla Firefoxfirefoxy
If you haven’t heard of Firefox you either live in a cave or just had severe amnesia set in. This is the best browser on the market period. Screw internet explorer 12 or whatever they’re on now. Great plug-ins, great toolbars, and very user friendly.

I very recently started using this super-handy piece of code. HTML and Javascript in a single page stored on your hard drive is all it is but it’s super useful. You have to check it out because it’s rather hard to explain how it works in such little space- but basically I use it to keep notes and random things, as well as a to-do list and reminders to myself. Long story short: personal wiki = awesome.Pidgin

I don’t know about you but I really got tired of having Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, and MSN all going at the same time (not to mention skype- but that’s a little different). Pidgin takes care of all of those, and many more, in one basic instant messaging application. Check it out.

Honorable Mentions
Skype Don’t really use it everyday because of lack of friends/family that use it- but I would if they did… so spread the word.
Sunbird Sure everything that mozilla makes is wonderful but enough is enough. No, actually I used this until I got a super-phone and then I switched my calendar-ing over to that instead. If you’re looking for a calendar for your computer, use Sunbird.
SciTE Awesome text editor for those of you that program. I use this alot actually but not quite enough to make my list. Another one that’s awesome for especially java is Eclipse.

Hopefully you got something useful out of that. I didn’t include any web applications (except for TiddlyWiki, kinda) but I must say theres a long list of those I use frequently as well. Another day maybe.

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