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Texas A&M Deserved that Win

In probably one of the worst officiated games that I’ve seen in awhile, albeit the calls going both ways, the number 1-seeded UCLA came out on top because of a no-call with 5 seconds left. If you don’t believe me check out the picture. As I said, I think bad calls went both ways but leaned towards UCLA. Kevin Love had 7 blocks for UCLA and I counted 3 that I would have called fouls had I been the referee. UCLA played stone-cold defense for the last 10 minutes of the game and you have to give them that, but even still most of the turnovers were because of the blocks I just mentioned. I think this game deserved to go to Texas A&M, if not at least overtime. I suppose UCLA will just ride on the refs to the final four, as they don’t really have any competition left until then.

What the hell.