MacBook Air

I’m so getting one of these. I’ve been looking at Macs for awhile envying them and I think they finally came out with one that suits me and my tastes. At less than an inch thick at its thickest point, the MacBook air is ‘the world’s thinnest computer’ (according to Apple). You can watch a demo of the new device here. As you will see in the video, this product is literally cutting edge. It has an upgrade option of having a 64GB solid state drive installed, which has no moving parts, and thus less things that can break. These are the new thing in the hard drive world, although at an upgrade price of $999, you can see why cutting edge isn’t for everyone. Of course, all Airs come with the new Mac OS X Leopard installed as well. Apple’s selling point is the light-weight, portable aspect of the computer, with an emphasis on wireless. They don’t include a CD/DVD drive but they have a brand new ‘Remote Disc’ feature that allows you to install and read software from other computers’ drives, all wireless. This is an awesome feature although I doubt its very fast to install things. In addition to that, they included some new touchpad features similar to those of the iPhone that allow you to zoom in and out by spreading your fingers and bringing them back together as well as a page forward and backwards by using three fingers side to side. I’m excited to get this when its finally released, as you’re only able to pre-order now. If you’re considering buying a new notebook computer and you’re always on the go, I highly recommend the MacBook Air.

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