Network Solutions… WTF

Network Solutions sucks.I have been victimized by Network Solutions! Yesterday I went to purchase travislaine.com from them- and ran into a problem. The price. NetSol is charging $34.99 for a years registration of a domain, compared to $9.99 that seems to be the standard rate from others such as the infinitely better GoDaddy. Anyway, I chose Network Solutions because I already have a hosting package for some sites that I developed and figured I would just host my site on the same package. When I saw the price I decided I would just go buy the domain from GoDaddy and transfer it for whatever that fee might be (usually between $2 and $6). I get to GoDaddy only to find out that the domain travislaine.com is not available and is registered to NetSol. I’m now a little pissed because NetSol snatched my domain just because I searched for it on their site. Today as I’m marauding the mousepad on Digg I come across this article, explaining that Network Solutions has implemented a four-day period where they hold any domain that is searched for on their site. After the four days they ‘release’ it, although now that it is on record domain squatters will snatch it within seconds of it being released, giving you no chance of getting your domain without paying a hefty sum of cash. Network Solutions should really reconsider this policy. You can test this for yourself using a random domain like ihatenetworksolutionswithapassion.com.

3 Responses to “Network Solutions… WTF”

  1. April 9, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    I used to work at NetSol. The people in charge there are total jackasses. Some of their services are top-notch…for example, their eCommerce and Online Marketing products, but they fuck it up by having bad customer service and overcharging for everything. I can’t agree with you that GoDaddy is “infinitely better”, but GoDaddy IS better for buying domains – which I can see you haved learned the hard way. I’m really sorry to hear you got screwed! 😦 …but I’m not at all surprised.

    Good luck with everything… 🙂

  2. 2 Tony
    May 6, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    I agree that the domain prices are overly priced, but the four day hold period is actually beneficial for some clients because when we hold it while you’ve logged into your account you have first rights to that domain. We actually go the distance and even call you up if you’d like to get the name. I can see how it is sleezy in a way, but you say you got hosting with NetSol? Remember when you host wit netsol you get your name for free, given that you host for a year. Also people tend to choose netsol because you 100% guaranteed never to loose you domain name to any kind of slip-ups. Also if you have a lot of domain names/products with netsol they will actually allow bargaining of prices, all you got to do is complain about it. No other company allows any kind of bargaining or freedom with regards to a la carte services. Please get your facts straight, I do not like Netsol personally but when i come across stupidity on the net because Americans don’t know what anything it gets me upset. God, it is no wonder that your country has such a bad reputation, there’s probably just 20% of the population that contributes to technological/biological advancements, other than that its full of idiots that do not know anything about the net.

  3. 3 Fuckedup
    November 10, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Ass hole cheated me also.i paid $34.99 for a domain.

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