Hillary Clinton. Mudslinger. Cry-baby. Etc.

Oh Hillary.Where do I begin with the Hillary Clinton machine? How about with the ‘alleged’ attacks on the Barack Obama front. She started by pointing how just how liberal Barack Obama was having mingled with Chicago’s Hyde Park individuals and his voting record in congress for criminal defendants’ rights. God forbid an African American democratic candidate be opposed to the criminal justice system and too liberal. Next, Hillary attacked Obama’s position on abortion saying that he wasn’t able to take a stance on the topic when in reality his voting record shows, along with his Planned Parenthood and NARAL ratings, that he’s pro-choice through and through. In that attack she went as far as sending letters to the New Hampshire voting public- which obviously paid off, her having taken the New Hampshire primary just hours ago.

Next, Hillary cried the other day. Really Hillary? The President of the United States can’t lock his/herself in a room and cry when we get bombed by North Korea. I know it wasn’t a full on cry, I saw the video, but still. Grow some balls (… nevermind).

Finally, I’d like to recall that although Hillary was booed not once, but twice at the New Hampshire Democrats’ 100 Club dinner almost a week ago, she still somehow managed to squeak a victory tonight. This election is shaping up to be quite the interesting battle.

1 Response to “Hillary Clinton. Mudslinger. Cry-baby. Etc.”

  1. 1 Bob
    February 4, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Hillary the Cry-baby !

    She has proven to me that she is not a leader, she is unable to roll with the punches and when the going gets tuff she starts crying to gain simpothy. As they say, “…if you can’t handle the heat; get out of the kitchen.” She needs to ashamed of herself and stop crying.

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