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Radical Honesty

Unusually late reading of the July issue of Esquire brought me across a piece entitled “I think you’re fat.”- which, besides flooding my mind with shots of Michael Moore’s latest film Sicko after reading the title, threw me on a wild tangent of existential thought. Radical Honesty- what the hell is that? Basically, whatever you think, you immediately say. No secrets. While I definitely do not propose that every human should switch over to this ‘movement’, I think it would advantageous for the human race to cut the crap and stop lying every 12 seconds of their day.

People that are compulsive liars bug me. Why do you people feel the incessant need to lie? Do you feel like you need to impress somebody by lying to them? Are you going to hurt someone’s feelings? Maybe if everyone just told the truth, the idea of feelings would become warped because people would be more accepting regardless.